HOUR, Ltd. – Company Profile

The software company HOUR, Ltd. was established in 1993. We have designed several products aimed at payroll and HR management. Currently, our main products have been the HUMAN Informantion System with its follow-up solution eHUMAN and the Humanet Information system – fully cloud based solution.

Our latest product is a complex solution called 24-hour Personal Assistant . It has resulted from the combination of multi-functional personal kiosks and the eHuman System. An inseparable component of our activities has been outsorcing of the personnel and payroll administration as strategic support and an effective way of economizing in Slovak companies.

Nowadays, our company employs almost 70 people. Not only do they guarantee professional introduction and implementation of the information system into operation, they also provide high-quality and complex technical support and professional advisory hotline service for payroll and HR management to all of our customers. Besides our headquarters in Žilina we have branches in Košice, Banská Bystrica and Piešťany.

The core mission of the Company is to bring values in HR with the goal of fulfilling the Company´s vision:

  • to help customers function better by providing them with innovative, complex and reliable solutions beyond their expectations,

  • to be a trustworthy partner to our customers, partners and employees,

  • to keep growing long-term, and to be a market leader.

Our target is to develop, implement and maintain payroll and HR management softwares and thus provide our customers with high-quality and complex services, helping them achieve their business goals.

The crucial moment leading to specifying our orientation as stated above was our winning the nation-wide tender in the Slovak health-spa Piešťany with our payroll product FLUXPAM, version PAM3, later improved into version PAM4. Even with the success of the FLUXPAM product, our employees were aware that with the onset of the WINDOWS operational system it was going to be possible to make the functionality of the system better, and they started preparing a new payroll and HR management solution called HUMAN. Its quality speaks for itself through hundreds of its successful installations and on-going implementations. Fast internet and intranet development has required the development of a new product, HUMANET. It uses the support and services of the .NET framework technology. It has been designed for companies that need to access and collect data from a large number of institutions into one central spot (e.g. self-governing regions), as well as for small companies without the necessity of the installation on their own PC. Last but not least, we do not leave out outsourcing the payroll and HR as a strategic support tool, and one of the ways of saving finances, improving services and developing companies in Slovakia.

Company Curriculum


Establishing HOUR, Ltd.


FLUXPAM – PAM3, winning the nation-wide tender for the Slovak health-spa Piešťany


Developing PAM4 – winning the tender for Slovakofarma Hlohovec


HUMAN – a complex payroll and HR management solution


The State Air Operation Services - Letové prevádzkové služby SR, š. p. – the first extensive installation of Human


SOLID – payroll for entrepreneurs and small companies up to 100 employees

ELANOR – buyout of the Slovak activities of the Company


Branch in Prague – entering the Czech market


CRA Rating on the skBaa level – the first among the IT companies in Slovakia


Outsourcing – complex payroll and personnel administration management for all types of organizations


Certified by ISO 9001:2000

Microsoft Industry Award Finalist

HUMANET intranet payroll and HR management solutions based on .NET technology


Slovak Microsoft Gold Partner


Recertified by ISO 9001:2008


Information security management system by ISO 27001:2005


Recertified by ISO 9001:2008

Extending the product portfolio by eHuman – a webové interface for selected moduls of the Human System


New moduls for HR management and attendance monitoring in the HUMANET Information system


Extending the product portfolio by the Employee Self Service – 24-hour personnel assistent


Recertified by ISO 27001:2005

Eurocloud Slovakia Award - Price for the Best cloud solution on the market – Humanet

EuroCloud Europe Award 2016 – Price „One to watch“ – for the solution of eHuman – 24 hour Pesonal Assistant



One of the classics, constantly developed and improved through years of experience, is the HUMAN Information System. It represents a simple, user-adaptable solution for payroll and HR management in Slovakia.


Online expansion of system HUMAN - eHuman System, is available in the internet browser environment on any device with the connection to the internet. This means every employee of a company can be a user, and no additional installation is required on work stations. The System covers the area of personnel, payroll, education and other HR fields.

24 hour Personal Assistant

Together with multi-fuctional personal kiosks, eHuman constitutes a complex solution called 24-hour Personal Assistant. It provides real-time acces to useful information from personnel, payroll and other types of agenda chosen by the company to all employees.


The Humanet System is a cloud economical and HR information system roofing over personnel, payroll, HR management, attendance, single and double entry accounting – and it does so anytime and from anywhere.


Our attendance system, HUMAN Time Manager has been highly popular. It can communicate also with the latest identification devices available on the market. In total, we have done over 1,000 installations of these products, and the number keeps growing.


Except the development, selling, implementation and maintenance of information systems, the HOUR Company offers the possibility of OUTSOURCING the personnel services and payroll, with a full guarantee of processing payroll agenda in accordance with the current legislation, within terms agreed upon, including protecting the personal data being processed.